Voice triggered realtime adverts: How SpeakOn is changing the way Product Showcasing and advertisements work

DeepSpeech based product advertisements and surveys that results in increased sales and effective branding.

About SpeakOn

SpeakOn is an IoT based adverts and survey platform which helps businesses to acquire more sales by playing on premise product videos directly from the end customers’ enquiries. Customers can also use SpeakOn to carry out competitive surveys by getting enquired data volumes and cloud based analytics and insights on similar product segments which can help them plan their product launches and create effective marketing strategies.

Operating Principle

We install SpeakOn Speech devices in every outlets. Now whenever a customer comes to the outlet and enquires a product, SpeakOn FarField Mic records the enquiry, carries out Speech to Text (offline), then runs Machine learning on the detected text to interpret the actual product name and then trigger plays a marketing video of the same almost instantaneously. This whole process is done without internet or the requirement of an external Speech to Text API. For further interpretation of the gathered data we can send the recorded enquiries to cloud via internet enablement. Then put it in an on-demand analytics platform to do requirement data analysis over locations, age groups, volumes etc.

Areas of Application

SpeakOn is best fit for :


Departmental Stores

Jewellery Stores

Wine Shops

Real Estate

Food Chains


SpeakOn edge enabled Speech Recognition Device is the future of adverts and surveys. Once adopted customers can see noticable results within 3 months. It reduces ground level marketing and serveying efforts significantly. So why wait?!