Plant Name : Primary Coal Screen
Process Name :
Primary screening machine
Operating Principle :
  • Coal is transferred to the primary screener through the conveyor belt.
  • The screener vibrates in a perfect simple harmonic motion through the help of a motor and a counterbalance-shaft.
  • The larger fragments of coal are sent to the storage from the screening machine via the conveyor belt.
  • The smaller particles are sent for further processing via the conveyor belt.
Problem faced :
  • There was no monitoring system, except for a close circuit camera.
  • Due to huge vibrations and dense dust particles, operators are unable to go in front of the primary screening machine.
  • Since the operators were unable to access the primary screening machine closely due to unfavorable conditions, they could not, measure motor-health.
  • Also, the health of the supporting bearings could not be measured.
  • This led to the destruction of bearings, breakdown of the shaft, burning of the motor.
  • All the above problems halted the production process for a period of 2-6 days that led to production huge losses.
Solutions we have provided :
  • We have installed sensors on the motor coils and bearings.
  • We have installed sensors on current phase.
  • We have also installed temperature sensors between the two supporting bearings.
ideal conditions for driving side and
non driving side bearing
Anomalies noticed in patterns

The data collected by our sensors are represented in line graphs. Data derived from the graphical representation is processed in the following way:
*Ideal Temperature Condition- The temperature of the non-driving side bearing shall stay in the range of 55-65°C and that of the of the driving side bearing shall stay in the range of 60-70°C
*Temperature of driving side bearing is represented by the green line
*Temperature of non-driving side bearing is represented by the red line.

More details on pattern

Anomaly 1 – IF detects that the temperature of the non-driving side bearing is rising more than the temperature of the driving side bearing.
Anomaly 2 (Prediction) – The temperature of the non-driving side bearing again supersedes the ideal limit. IF predicts a malfunction here and notifies that the bearings need immediate maintenance.
Probable causes of malfunction:
1. Shaft-misalignment.
2. Lubrication-issues.

Results and outcomes :
  • Now they can measure and monitor motor-health.
  • They can also measure and monitor bearing health.
  • The risk of process breakdown is eradicated.
  • Predictive maintenance is being scheduled on the basis of the data collected by the sensors.
  • The huge production loss can now be eradicated.
Work in progress :
  • We will be installing vibration sensors in the machine mountings and floor mountings.
  • Whenever the vibration frequency will supersede ideal parameters, alerts will be sent to mobile app on a real-time basis
  • Based on the data from the vibration sensors, we will get to know whether there any problems arising in the mountings and will be able to do predictive maintenance of the processes accordingly.
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