Plant Name : Rice Mill
2nd Process brought to focus :
Machine Shop
Operating Principle :
  • After the paddy is boiled, it is brought to the machine shop and dried through several dryers.
  • The dryers receive power from the motors.
Problem faced :
  • When the motor takes excessive load and the shaft gets misaligned, bearings lose their lubrication, resulting in motor-burning.
  • In case the motor gets burnt, the production process stops for 2-4 hours, leading to a huge production loss.
Solutions we have provided :
  • We have installed temperature sensors on every motor-coil.
  • We have installed vibration sensors on motor mountings.
  • We have installed current sensors in the three-phase current lines.
  • All these sensors are connected to our edge devices.
The Outcomes :
  • Now, motor health can be monitored directly.
  • Wastage is reduced by continuously keeping track of equipment health and predicting failure.
  • Risk of production loss is completely eliminated now.
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