Plant Name : Rice Mill
1st process brought to focus :
Paddy Parboiling
Operating Principle :
  • Steam is transferred to 20 parboilers through the main steam-line, at a temperature of 140° to 170° C and a pressure of 3 to 6 kg/cm3
  • Each parboiler boils 18 quintal of paddy for 5 to 7 minutes depending on paddy-quality
  • Pressure of steam was controlled manually
  • The operators checked Pressure and temperature manually every 2 hours via analog meters
Problem faced :
  • Any malfunction could occur at any point of time within that 2-hour interval.
  • If temperature or pressure would rise within this 2 hour span, paddy would get burnt.
  • If temperature and pressure would fall within this 2 hour span, paddy quality would deteriorate.
Solutions we have provided :
  • We have installed a temperature sensor and a pressure sensor on the main steam line of the paddy parboiling section.
  • The sensors are directly connected to the internet via edge devices.
  • The sensors record and monitor real-time data (pressure and temperature) per second.
The Outcomes :
  • Now paddy quality can be improved easily.
  • We can also derive the process time graph from the data collected which in turn gives complete transparency to all the stakeholders.
  • Wastage of steam is completely eliminated.
  • The edge devices sends real-time alerts over mobile and web app in case of changes in threshold values of pressure and temperature.
  • The risk of the paddy getting burnt is eliminated.
  • The improvement in quality of paddy is directly affecting their ROI on a positive note.
Work in progress :

We will be measuring temperature and pressure in all the parboilers individually. This is will enable us to also measure the process time. Paddy quality will be improved in every parboiler individually and risks of paddy getting burnt will also be eliminated.

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