Agriculture and Food Processing

The integration of IoT in agricultural processes and food processing systems enable precision farming, smart green houses, data analytics, agricultural drones with seamless end to end intelligent operations and improved business process execution.

Coke/Coal Processing

IoT in coking process intelligence monitoring network focuses on the formation of a perception layer network and build on a mesh-clustered network putting forward a network routing establishment, and data transmission mechanism.


IoT via a network of sensors, a database, random forest prediction models, algorithms for dynamic adjustment of cutoff parameters, and also predictive maintenance algorithms.

Steel Plant

Highly sensored data collection systems, IOT Asset Monitoring, Predictive Analysis, Plant Operations Management from mobile devices, Intelligent data acquisition devices, Mobile Workflow Management, Dynamic rescheduling, IoT engines, pattern recognition, Video analytics on cloud, Complex event processing and the like.

Cement Factory

IoT implementation in cement factories comprises of Equipment monitoring, Predictive Analysis, Streamlined Logistics, Integrated plant engineering, Supply Chain Integration, Sensor deployment, Operations intelligence, Process Simulation, Fleet management and the like.

Power Distribution

Effective integration of infrastructure resources in communications and electrical power system, backed by real time monitoring, maintenance assist, fault location detection for the generation, transmission, substation, distribution, electricity and other aspects of power grid.

Automotive Industry

In-vehicle infotainment, predictive maintenance, security, surveillance, and safety via external sensors, data analytics and dashboard reporting via connected vehicles, real-time data sharing and cognitive insights for management.

Foundry Industry

Interconnected Machines, temperature monitoring and regulating mechanisms, optimal temperature calibrations for various metals, operational process analysis and error-tracking, real-time data accessibility, and machine-downtime tracking.